Aug 14, 2014

Modern Day Witch

Shirt - Monki
Kimono - Gina Tricot
Boots - H&M
Choker - Planet Babee

It's been a while!
And obviously I felt like dressing up as a witch again, haha! I just think this oversized Kimono with a hood in mostly black tones gives it that mysterious witchy vibe, and I love it !
As the print of the kimono is already very busy with the white spots all over, I decided to keep the colors black and white with a pop of blue!
I love this tattoo choker necklace from Planet Babee! You guys should definitely check them out, they have a lot of different charms and colors of chokers, all very cute :) 

What I'm holding is actually Snape's wand which is a collectible and says "Not a Toy". Nobody can stop me.

Aug 4, 2014

Cross my Path

Dress - Chic Wish
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Asos
Chokers - Asos

I absolutely adore this dress from Chic Wish. I saw it on Lookbook and needed to have it! I love everything with crosses, so the cut-out cross in the front is just perfect. Sadly it only came in sizes S,M and L.. and as I'm usually an extra small this one fits a little big on me and I'd prefer it a little shorter too. It has a really stretchy seam at the back so it would fit a small and bigger bust. Sadly I'm lacking some boobs to fill this dress up! The cups are padded, which is perfect as you can't really wear a bra with this dress. I tried, but it would shine through the cross as the mesh starts really high up. I think the material and overall detail of the dress is amazing, it's up on sale at the moment so definitely check it out if this is your style!

Another all black outfit paired with my favorite heeled boots from Asos, a super comfortable hat from H&M and some chokers! I feel really witchy in this look again haha